road to a plastic free future

A personal journey into plastic free living

My journey started with the idea of a Girlguiding badge to introduce girls to the topic of reducing plastic, and grew into a fully fledged Plastic Free Planet Challenge which has now reached over 5000 young girls and their amazing leaders in the UK, Canada and as far as New Zealand.

Embarking on this journey there are two things I really wished for. The first was a group of like minded people to talk to about the small changes we can make; the second was a searchable database of plastic-free and low-plastic alternatives to my regular shop.

I found those people in the very helpful facebook group ‘Journey to zero waste in the UK’, but I haven’t found a list; which is why I have create a collection of Plastic Free Products, which will expand as new discoveries are made.

Where to buy plastic free products

Recommendations for plastic-free and low-plastic products which can be found in regular shops or by purchasing online. This is a work in progress so bear with me on adding new finds. If you have any you would like to add, drop me a line.

Make a statement!

Are you a plastic free campaigner? If you would like to promote your dedication to going plastic free or treat a friend who is doing amazing work, why not buy a statement pin badge?

I say NO to PLASTIC is a pretty clear message!  Pin badges are available from my Etsy store.