If you are reading this, I believe you may have already taken your first step – awareness.

My road to a plastic free future

Until early 2018, I was blissfully unaware the effect plastic was having on our planet. Like many, the first wake up call was Blue Planet II – or the Attenborough effect, as I like to call it.  If you didn’t feel sickened by seeing the disaster we have caused, you better turn back over to TOWIE and leave this to us.  There a few words from our David in the video.

I was a dutiful recycler and I wouldn’t have called myself wasteful – however it had never occurred to me that buying the odd cup of Costa or grabbing a plastic spoon for lunch was an big issue.

Ditching the single use plastic

So, I thought, I’ll just ‘do my bit’ and reevaluate what single use plastics I use.

Plastic Bags – I may have occasionally forgotten my reusable bags and had to buy a couple when out shopping.  I vowed to never do this again and believe me when you have carried home your entire shop balanced in your arms, you won’t forget the bags next time.

Straws – Not something I often use myself, but definitely something I have grabbed for my daughter’s drink at a cafe.

Coffee cups – I admit I find it hard to refuse the free coffee Waitrose offer when you shop or the pull of Costa on a particularly bleary eyed morning.  So I got a reusable coffee cup.

Easy right?  Bit done. Sit back and sip my coffee

Wrong. This is where it got serious.

Is there a Badge for that?

For my sins I am a Girlguiding Leader, helping to run a Rainbow unit of mad 5 & 6 year olds. Each term we plan a fun filled programme of activities usually related to earning a badge.  Some badges are produced directly by other units or districts to raise money for charity or to help with their general funds.  I was searching these ‘unofficial’ badges when I realised there was a gap – PLASTIC.

Bingo – Why not create a badge which helps girls to understand plastic, its effect on the planet and how to make better choices about what they use?

An this is where my REAL journey began.

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