Stop! Just stop! … and look at the beautiful badges that arrived this morning!

“What’s all the fuss about?” You say… “They’re just some badges”.  But no, take a close look, can’t you see it? Look closer, yep right there – that is the start of something EPIC.

What is the badge for?

This is not just an ordinary badge, this is a challenge badge – an education tool.  With this badge hundreds and hopefully thousands of members of Girlguiding will take the first step towards understanding the planet’s plastic crisis.

The Plastic Free Planet badge is available to all Girlguiding units across the UK – Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and The Senior Section – and comes with a challenge pack to assist leaders when planning fun activities to for their unit to try.

The pack is split into three sections:

  1. Understanding Plastic
  2. Protecting the environment
  3. Making a Change

This aims to take girls on a similar journey I have been travelling.  Although not to the same degree, I don’t want parents hounding me for telling their kids that their plastic toothbrushes are bad.  It is more of a gentle education into the idea that there are steps that everyone can take – refusing a straw or taking a drink with you instead of buying bottles are achievable by everyone – even kids.  The full challenge pack with info on purchasing badges can be downloaded here.

About the design

Until you start the challenge and understand a bit more about plastic, it might not be immediately apparent what the badge symbolises.

The centre logo reflects the numbered symbols 1-7, used to represent different types of plastic.   However this one is a zero – no plastic – plastic free! Wouldn’t it be great to see this symbol appear on packaged products much like you see the leaping bunny or the vegan tick?

We had a conundrum though – badges like this one are usually made of polyester – yep! – plastic!  Could we cope with the hypocrisy? The answer for me was no… so a lot of time (I mean a lot) was spent looking for a supplier who could produce these in 100% cotton, and the result is beautiful.

With each badge purchased 10p will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society who are also waging war on plastic and are happy to assist Girlguiding units with further resources to complete the challenge badge.

So this is it – the badge – where my journey started – who knows where it might take me?

I’m getting emotional, I might cry.

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